Iran 2009

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VPR’s Steve Zind first travelled to Iran five years ago in search of family history. Since then he’s returned several times to learn more about politics, people and culture. In February 2009, on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, he visited Iran to talk to activists, religious leaders and politicians about the revolution and the state of their country.

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Part One: 30 Years after the revolution: A Country Transformed

Today, in the first in a series of his reports, Steve Zind tells us about the transformation of Iran after the revolution.  



Part Two: Disagreements remain on country’s direction since revolution

Today, 30 years after the revolution, there’s debate in Iran about basic questions like democracy, freedom of speech and women’s rights.  




Part Three: Tehran a city that illustrates issues facing the country

Today in the third of his series of reports from Iran, VPR’s Steve Zind describes Tehran as a city that illustrates many of the issues facing the country today.  



Part Four: Iranian women make gains, but barriers remain

In the last of his series of stories about Iran, VPR’s Steve Zind introduces us to several women with different views on the challenges facing them.  


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