The Long Haul

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Give VPR commentators a topic and ask them to reflect on it and you might be surprised what you get. That’s just what we did this spring. We asked about two dozen of our regular commentators to write an essay on the theme of "The Long Haul." We got a wide variety of thoughts – ranging from funny to poignant to unexpected – and shared them at a recent brunch. And we’ll air a selection of the commentaries all this week during Morning Edition.


May 25, 2009

Larry Doane

"I’m an infantryman, which in short, means that I walk for a living."   Click here to listen






May 26, 2009

Cheryl Hanna

"When I was twelve, my grandmother, mother, sister, aunt, uncle, three younger cousins, and I piled into a mini-van in Phoenix for a family vacation to Universal Studios in California."  Click here to listen



May 27, 2009

Peter Gilbert

"Before railroads, the only way to get turkeys from Vermont to market in Boston was to walk them there." Click here to listen





May 28, 2009

Mary McCallum

"My father was a city boy, and he wasn’t handy. In 1946 he bought a "handyman special" in the country that needed everything from repairing the roof all the way down to jacking up the crumbling foundation." Click here to listen



May 29, 2009

Rich Nadworny

"For me, the long haul makes me think of my grandmother and her siblings."

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