A Food Rap

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week’s Young Writers Project piece by Robert Hood, a 9th grader at
Chelsea Public School, is a tightly woven poetic rant against the messaging of
fast food – and our craving to drive on in. For more great student writing go
to youngwritersproject.org


You should eat this
No you should eat that
No don’t eat that
You’ll just get fat

They tell and tell us
What we should eat
Fruits and Veggies
Grains and Meat

But you always pass
These fast food places
Go ahead kids
Go stuff your faces

But why is it so hard
So hard to try
To try to resist
That pizza pie

Why don’t we go
To Domino’s
But we all know
Where That Dominos goes

Maybe go to BK
You can have it your way
Try their new sliders
You’ll be sitting all day

Then there’s Taco Bell
Think outside the bun
Eat that tasty taco
That’s hotter than the sun

But what about KFC
They are the best
Come on kid
Just have a chicken breast

But don’t forget
Old Mickey D’s
Have a Big Mac
With extra cheese

We eat it because
We know it’s cheaper
But we’re just digging our hole
Just a little bit deeper

All these places
Aren’t healthy at all
Never again
Will you be that small

But that’s alright
That’s OK
That just is
The American way

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