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Moran, a sophomore at Peoples
in Morrisville, says she wrote this poem after a hard year of being bullied. She
says that bullying has had a big impact on her life and this poem is about what
it’s like to go through the experience. "I hope that this inspires people to
shout out if they are being bullied because if you don’t say something now or
when it starts, then you could change in a way you don’t want to be or will


Seeing the bully walk around the school

probably thinking that she is very cool

Makes me want to run and hide

looking at the classrooms to go inside

Going to school each and every day

not telling the teachers what I have to say

Teachers look at me wondering why

I try to go find a place to hide

But when I finally tell

the rest of my school days turn to hell

Thinking about going to school

makes me want to pretend that I don’t feel good

All the kids look at me

as if they see right through me

Making me feel invisible

but the bully invincible

Looking at the bully made me go away

wondering if everything will be okay

Noticing my personality had gone away

made me do things I regret today

Hearing that school starts soon

makes me want to go cry in my room

‘Cause I only want to go to Upward Bound

where I’m not afraid to make a sound

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