The Sounds of Fall

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Gabriello Lewis, a sixth-grade homeschooler from Burlington,
has been writing since the age of five. He says, "I did not feel
comfortable about my writing until I was published by Young Writers Project.
Being published inspired me to write more! My motivation is my family
and friends and what I see and hear around me.


When I close
my eyes and just listen

This is what I
hear in fall:

The honking of
geese and their wings beating,

Building up
enough speed for take-off.

The crunching
and crackling of leaves,

Cascading like
a waterfall of orange, yellow, red, and green from the sky. 

The wind
blowing through the trees in a long, wailing moan.

And on All
Hallows Eve, the sounds of happy children calling "Trick or treat!"

As ghouls and
witches walk by.

And last, but
most definitely not least, the most precious sound,

So precious I
wish I could keep it in my ears forever —

The sound of
children laughing as they carve

frightful pumpkins.

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